Language Learning with Christoph Dusenbery

I offer English, Hindi and Urdu language teaching services online. Visit my websites below for more information and you can always feel free to contact me directly.

Christoph Dusenbery

Language Teacher
English, Hindi, Urdu

My Websites

Seattle Hindi Online

Take Hindi language classes online from anywhere in the world. I work with basic to advanced students.

Urdu Classes Online

Take Urdu language classes online. I work with basic to intermediate level students.

English Instruction Online

English language classes online from basic to advanced levels using a range of effective materials. I also teach prep classes for tests such as the TOEFL®.

Note: TOEFL and TOEFL iBT are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Services (ETS). This product is not endorsed or approved by ETS.

OPIc Practice - Raise Your Level

Raise your Oral Proficiency Interview by Computer® (OPIc) test score through online classes.

Note: The Oral Proficiency Interview by Computer® (OPIc) test is a registered trademark of LTI (Language Testing International).

About Me

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA, USA. My passion for language learning began with studying Spanish and German in school, followed by majoring in South Asian Languages & Literature at the University of Washington where I focused on Hindi (and basic level Sanskrit). In 2009 I cofounded Zabaan Language Institute, which has become a world class place of language learning. I go back and forth between the USA and India with my wife and two kids.

  • More than 15 thousand hours of in-class language instruction experience
  • Have taught students from dozens of countries of diverse ages and professional backgrounds
  • Ten years spent living and teaching in India
  • TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certified
  • Currently working towards a Masters in Teaching with an endorsement in English Language Learning

You can also find me on the following tutoring site: