Flashcards for Let’s Study Urdu

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Flashcards on BrainscapeFlashcards for each chapter of Let’s Study Urdu are now available on Brainscape. I created a deck for each lesson and made them available here as a free class. You’ll need to have a (free) account on Brainscape …

Flashcards for Learning the Urdu Script

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I’ve created online flashcards to help students learn Nastalīq (the Urdu script). Designed as a “class” on Brainscape, the flashcards test you on your knowledge of each full-form letter and ask you to rate how well you know each card. …

Hindi Language Flashcards

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To help students achieve fluency with both vocabulary and structure, I’ve created sets of online flashcards on Brainscape. One “class” uses Devanāgarī (the Hindi script), while the other uses Roman transliteration. Some of the current decks test students on the …

Flashcards for Elementary Hindi Vocabulary

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Digital flashcards for each glossary of Elementary Hindi are finally here! I created the decks and made them available on Brainscape here as a free class. Brainscape offers paid plans that allow you to do more with flashcards, but none …

A Book Review of Beginning Hindi

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Well-organized and obviously tried and tested, this is a very solid choice for a first year Hindi course book. It should work fine for students taking private Hindi classes but would be difficult to use independently.