Flashcards for Learning the Urdu Script

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I've created online flashcards to help students learn Nastalīq (the Urdu script). Designed as a "class" on Brainscape, the flashcards test you on your knowledge of each full-form letter and ask you to rate how well you know each card. The better you know a card, the less you'll be tested on it again. Brainscape works on computer browsers and mobile devices (and your progress will be synced).

Moving forward, I plan to do the following to improve these flashcards:

  • add audio so that students can hear each letter name and the sound(s) it makes
  • make additional decks to show the initial, medial, and final forms of each letter
  • include a deck with the Urdu script and Devanāgarī (the Hindi script for students familiar with Devanāgarī

Leave a comment or contact me with suggestions and if you find any mistakes!

Brainscape flashcards for Urdu script

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